Other Work

Books + Zines:

Girlfriend Cosplay (Burn All Books, 2019)

Non-Girl Non-Final (If a Leaf Falls Press, 2018)

Naíf y Kawaii (Editorial Gigante, 2014)

Baby Babe (CCM, 2012)

Selected Online Work:

Three @ Wonder Press

One @ Poesía

Five @ Spork Press

Why-Fi Excerpt @ Dazed


If I Switch For You Will You Simp For Me? (2021)

Internet Girls (2019)

Emotional Labor Day (2019)

I Didn't Say You Could (2018)

Why-Fi (2014)

Sadmess (2014)

Make-Belive Love-Making (2010)


El Gran Libro de los Gatos (Blackie Books)

El Gran Libro de los Perros (Blackie Books)

1000 Millones, Poesía en lengua española del siglo XXI (Editorial Municipal de Rosario, 2014)

40 To Die Before 40: An Alt Lit Anthology (CCM, 2014)

VOMIT: antología de poesía joven norteamericana (El Gaviero Ediciones)

Lit No. 26 (The Journal of The New School Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program)

Illuminati Girl Gang Vol. 4 (2014)

Thunderclap #5

Orfidal #4

Orfidal #2